My enduring appreciation for nature stems from my upbringing on a ranch in Auburn, California. Growing up, I found myself working and playing outside more often than not. Now as an adult, I find that being in nature and on the road traveling help me find my purpose. Being what I call an introverted extrovert, I feel as if being in nature is the only place where I can truly think and express my true emotions. Fun fact - I have a tattoo of The Grand Tetons, my favorite place in the world!

Hey Y'all

I’m Rebecca, the nature loving, and love obsessed girl behind the camera.

I'm your gal if you want photos that are:

warm and true to life

authentic, unposed, candid

posed, intimate, and sensual

Of course, I blend broad and close-up views, but I also try to include your surroundings in every picture to help tell the story of your special day. My obsession with love, and my love for nature truly prevail in my work, and I hope to find clients who, like me, value an artistic eye and the world around them. 

Your photos will have an organic, earthy feel while still being creative and imaginative.

The arts have always been a part of who I am. Although I had a lot of fun participating in the National Honor Choir and musical theater in high school, there was always something missing. Despite continuing to sing and dance, I also began taking photography classes during my junior year of high school. I felt more connected to myself than ever before. I eagerly anticipated attending my 7:00 am photography class each morning when I left for school. 

I improved my abilities, acquired new knowledge, and began to practice photography outside of the classroom. I began to develop a business, initially working only with friends and their boyfriends. Soon, I was taking senior photos, and shortly after, during the summer before my junior year, I second-shot my first wedding in Tahoe.

my backstory

I frequently refer to myself as your temporary best friend.
I strive to develop meaningful relationships with each of my couples.

Since I initially picked up a camera a few years ago, I've seen more growth in my business than I ever imagined. In less than a year, I was able to transition into a full-time career, and now, four years later, I travel the nation to work with couples who have become incredible friends. The couples I work with are all very unique, fun, and a true blessing to be around.

present day:

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